Monday, September 10, 2012

working my ass off

Day 1 week 3 and i have found my fitness to increase by far and I work harder and faster and further.. I really am working my ass off.
But I am also finding the the food is starting to increase also. My excuses for this weekend is that it was my husbands birthday on Friday. We had guest Friday, saturday night and Sunday day and night. Gee am I tired today? It's monday and I have the amazing lasagne in the oven, my work out is done and I can't wait to watch BBrother and Xfactor tonight and chill out and sleep straight after that.

I now totally understand why Miss M tells us to get to bed early. It makes a world of difference in ever aspect of your life. So fustrating when visiters come on a sunday and stay till mdnight. Like ok you might not be working tomorrow but we are... Clearly carefactor is zero. I really should have said I was going to bed, but then I would have felt sorry for my husband whom has been working day and night for 3 weeks straight and when he isnt called out he is dealing with guest.

Got to run dinner is ready

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