Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 5 weight loss

Ok, so just a quick blog, as people are busy but people that exercise and follow an eating plan are really busy people... (As Michelle says)

So far going great, feeling amazing. Thought the pumpkin soup took a lot of time for a week day and I didnt have time to train so yesterday made up for it.

I have had many things go wrong in my life this week but I have not let it bum me out of this. I really really want to do this.. DO IT FOR ME :)

I hope you are also doing IT FOR YOU..

Have a good day all.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exercise does get EASIER

Hi guys,

I had last night a life changing moment for me. I have been a fit and healthy girl, love sports and exercise for as long as I can remember. About 2 years ago or maybe less something came over me and exercise was DREADFULL, Hated doing it and it was hard and felt like time never passed and just regreted having to do it.

Well in the last 2 weeks I have been forcing myself to just to it, as Mish would say JFDI and last night while I was doing my cardio I thought to myself, really.. seriously is it that bad to exercise for an hour a day? To get results? To feel amazing? To be healthy? To be proud of myself?
When I looked at it like that and realised that it is just that simple, no tricks, no potions, no magic just a simple 1 hour a day devoted to exercise. hahahahah WOW.. and I some how put this monster in my head and it was all in my head.

So now I feel freed and can't wait to do my 1 hour tonight :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Organise and Diarise Scary

How about I don't even know how to start this blog. Good beginning ha?
No seriously I look at this task Organise and Diarise and I feel paralysed.

So my issue with this is that am i going to train in the morning or evenings? and my husband wants to train with me too and he is on call some weeks which means his evening will be uncertain and the mornings.. I honestly believe that I can not stick to a morning program.

I mean sure 1,2 or 3 weeks but then after that I will go back to not being able to go in the mornings and to tell you the truth I enjoy the afternoon training more.

So I'm thinking that some days will be morning and some will be evening.. I am planning on doing the training. So where do I put it in to my diary? If I don't train at the time I have planned will i feel that I have let myself down and then start a negative thought pattern in my head???

So I understand this all sounds very child like and silly but it is a hurdle and of concern for me.

Maybe because my whole days are diarised with all my work appointments that I don't want this to feel like that too, is this my issue?

This task scars me!

Any advise you might have?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Excuses, Not today!

Since Friday I have had a tummy bug, throwing my body into overdrive and allowing my relationship with the toilet to become Zero to none! Yesterday I did not make it to exercise and this morning I knew if I was in for what I went through yesterday I would have to get up and go early.

10am so not to early I went on my run, already had visited my new BF once today. Decided to jog/walk to my parents, 4.86ks. Managed to just take one foot at a time and remind my self just take it slow just take it easy just one foot forward, you are doing better then sitting on the couch.

I did get there and I was aiming to get there in under 45min and happily I did it in 40.20min.

Tried to eat something short after and the moment I start eating my gut attack has begun and I run toilet.. 3 more times since then and I am now back home and have to leave to get some things done.

It is just one day that I overcome my excuses that love to run wild in my mind. Now to fight tomorrows battles.


Friday, August 10, 2012


So we all know that in Melbourne, the weather has been freezing and wet. I have recently moved and i don't even have a working kitchen let alone somewhere to put my gym equipment so I have been doing out door cardio. Well it all was just too much so I decided to go this morning to a local gym to do my cardio. What a disaster, half the cardio machines I went on weren't working and the ones that were working that I went on felt very glitch and I'm surprised I didn't injure myself. 
What a total disaster.

So now what will my plan of attack be?

How do you get yourself to train in this weather??? Raining and freezing!

Monday, August 6, 2012

12WBT- Down time

Ok, so the initial excitement of the 12WBT has already started to sizzle with the overwhelming emotions i feel. I have my first period since my miscarriage and I am sore and sad. When I feel down I don't want to exercise, I don't feel the energy to fight my mental battles of my subconscious tell me,'oh please do you really need to push your self and go on this walk/jog". While I tell that little voice be quiet just a few more steps, your doing so well!

I can already sense my self wanting to pick up an excuse, we have to bring our fridge to our house, finish the kitchen, put a shower head in, who has time to exercise today. But I am trying to fight that off... Telling me self. You can fit in an hour or 45min after work before you get started on the other stuff.. There will always be the other stuff trying to fill in my day.

Tell you the truth I think I need a good hard cry to release a lot of emotion being held inside and then move forward. Maybe a small holiday to sooth the soul.

I do remember roller coasters being fun as a kid.. why am I not excited and thrilled ?

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am going to print this and stick it up... I love it! Power me up...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

STARVINGGGGGGGG... Today and yesterday I have felt like I could eat the world. It's like I'm just so hungry! I'm starting to think it's not really my body telling me it's food deprived, it must be something going on in my mind. So I decided to pop some corn and try a tea as I unwind from the day and I'm happy with the choices I have made.

On a brighter side since I signed up I have gone for a walk 3 out of the 4 days. Considering before that I hadn't exercised in way to long it's a great place to start.

As I recently moved ( have spent 3 months crashing between my parents and my inlaws) we finally have out bed in out house. The feeling of sleeping in your own bed is priceless... Even when there is no shower or kitchen to use. I am hoping we will have finished the kitchen by the time this challenge officially starts. I know that I have NO hope at this with out the kitchen finished and our oven working and fridge in.
I have faith we can do this in time.

My mission is to get up early and train in the morning.. I have done this before and I loved it.. But it wasn't winter and there wasn't all these excuses in my head. I know it is going to be hard to get my body into going to bed early enough that I can get up early and my main fear is that we have friends and family over often and  I don't know how to control the situation that during the week we want an early night. I want like Michelle suggests to be in bed by 9.30 and lights off by 10! Then someone will want to come over 8pm on a week night and as terrible as it sounds, I in 12wbt mode am thinking 'How will I be able to get to bed at 9.30?".

Well I won't stress about it to much now. I should take it as it comes. For now my eyes are on tomorrow. May tomorrow be a successful day and only I can make it that way for me!