Monday, July 30, 2012

Round 3 12WBT 2012

Well here we go, lets start this 12WBT again... Like quitting to smoke, you might not get it right the first time, or even the second but it you continue to try again you will get there and that's why I'm doing this challenge again.
I have freed up some time in my life and made a few changes to help me be successful. I know I still have a lot of excuses that are just wanting to sabotage me along my way!
First is first.. So it was time to do my GET REAL Task.. hahaha laugh or cry???
Any way this is but I wrote.

Internal Excuses
To Tired, To unfit, to fat, to Lazy, unmotivated, do it later
just get it done then sleep, take your time one step at a time, you will lose weight if you do this, energy creates energy, forget motivation bad boyfriend, get the monkey off the back.
External Excuses ( still within my control)
To busy, can't afford it, to cold, to hot, unorganised, procastination, to wet.
say no and don't feel bad, don't need money, you will get warm, go indoors, set myself up for success, stop the thought process, you can get dry once your done.
External Excuses (completely out of my control)
Deal with the situation then clear the mind with my training.


GET THE MONKEY OFF THE BACK.. Repeat 100 times :)

Thanks for reading..