Monday, September 17, 2012

Mind Games

I find it rather interesting that week to week, even just a few days a part how my mind set can change shift do a 360 and then even tilt on its axes.

Seriously, will we ba challenged with something new every day? 
I promised myself that I would get everything on the shopping list this week to make life easier then last. I brought my meats from the market Friday afternoon then took them home and went to where I get my groceries from and when I got there I realised that I left the food list at home in the bag that had the meats in them.. So that went out the window.
Then yesterday I went to the local supermarket, even though it was going to be more expensive I wanted to have all the items I needed. There was many items I could not find. I find this very fustrating. I'm not sure with the supermarket or the person writing our shopping list.
I only live 15ks from the CBD.. surely if these shops don't have the items I need some one that lives rural wont be able to find them... Right??

Any way so I got the items I needed and headed home to eat left over BBQ from Saturday nights treat meal.. Why??? Who knows why.. Had my game face stuck in my butt.

To top if off I didn't do SSS.. My leg has been sore from Thursdays killer session. I don't mean like muscle sore get over it.. I mean it feel like I ripped my calf off the bone.. I'll try a light work out tonight and see how it feels tomorrow.

So over all as you can probably tell, I'm annoyed at myself this at the moment. Didn't get enough training in, ate more calories then my mind cares to register and I'm tired!

I know I gotta suck it up, deal with it and move forward...but felt like giving my 3 years old self a chance to voice its self.

How are you feeling going into week 4?


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  1. If you injure something it's good to do stuff that uses everywhere else! Hopefully you rested the leg and it's better now. I've started ordering from woolworths online - I'm sure it's more expensive than what the market is but so far it's been easier to find everything :) maybe you should keep photos of your list on your phone :)