Wednesday, February 16, 2011

16/2/11 No pain no game!

Hi and OMG I am so sore today. On Monday I did Michelle Bridges DVD super shredder, what a killer! Tuesday ( yesterday) I could feel it.. Legs were so heavy but i was brave and went for a massive run, i think its more but lets say 7kg in just under and hour. 54min. .. Last night.. i was so sore i thought i wasn't going to sleep at all. I did with a few wake ups to stretch out the pain! hahaha wasn'st so funny last night.
This morning I woke up very sore and really well I'm just dealing with it!

Monday Tuesdays and Wednesday are just to long for me at the moment. Long hours and work and wed nights are school. Loving my makeup course but I am really tried.

Can't wait to go meet Michelle this Sunday and Chaddy.. YAY :)