Monday, September 3, 2012


Ok so it's Monday and I do not like this day of the week lol.

So yesterday being fathers day I knew there would be lots of awesome food flying around so I made extra chicken parma on a massive plate with the spinach and tomato around just the recipe. I though if I take enough as a platter then others can eat and I can eat too.. But what happens when my inner animal sees meat on the BBQ calling my name? All these amazing foods also calling my name? And even a scone?

It wasn't looking good for me. I did eat some of the chicken I made but also 2 chops, some potato's ( i didn't have them at lunch cos i knew) and salad and a scone.. That for sure has blown any chance of weight loss for this Wednesday. My inner goddess will be crying knowing all the hard work of eating clean and training hard has gone out the window when she sees the scales come Wednesday morning.

This normally would be a time I normally would start to rethink if I can actually do this, already in 1 week my first red flag day and I failed.. BUT What I have decided to do is have a different mind set. Well I guess I was silly in the past. This is life and a lifestyle, if I don't make myself feel so so bad then I won't get off the wagon so quick. Yes, I did have a slip up and it isn't right but it is ok.

So ( deep breath in  and exhale ) time to be kind to myself and you should be kind to your self too.

Looking forward to this week ahead. Red flag day on Friday as it is my husbands bday. I'm thinking we should celebrate and go out on Saturday so it works well with my free meal. But if for some reason Friday is the day I will swap it with Sat and have a left over frozen meal on Sat.

I'm so happy winter is over :)


  1. Good on you for not giving up :)

    Hope you ate clean today/tomorrow and got your workouts in to get back on track :)

  2. Thanks Jen. I didn't want to train yesterday due to lack of sleep, but i went and I actually trained longer harder and more then to date :)