Wednesday, August 1, 2012

STARVINGGGGGGGG... Today and yesterday I have felt like I could eat the world. It's like I'm just so hungry! I'm starting to think it's not really my body telling me it's food deprived, it must be something going on in my mind. So I decided to pop some corn and try a tea as I unwind from the day and I'm happy with the choices I have made.

On a brighter side since I signed up I have gone for a walk 3 out of the 4 days. Considering before that I hadn't exercised in way to long it's a great place to start.

As I recently moved ( have spent 3 months crashing between my parents and my inlaws) we finally have out bed in out house. The feeling of sleeping in your own bed is priceless... Even when there is no shower or kitchen to use. I am hoping we will have finished the kitchen by the time this challenge officially starts. I know that I have NO hope at this with out the kitchen finished and our oven working and fridge in.
I have faith we can do this in time.

My mission is to get up early and train in the morning.. I have done this before and I loved it.. But it wasn't winter and there wasn't all these excuses in my head. I know it is going to be hard to get my body into going to bed early enough that I can get up early and my main fear is that we have friends and family over often and  I don't know how to control the situation that during the week we want an early night. I want like Michelle suggests to be in bed by 9.30 and lights off by 10! Then someone will want to come over 8pm on a week night and as terrible as it sounds, I in 12wbt mode am thinking 'How will I be able to get to bed at 9.30?".

Well I won't stress about it to much now. I should take it as it comes. For now my eyes are on tomorrow. May tomorrow be a successful day and only I can make it that way for me!

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