Friday, August 17, 2012

Organise and Diarise Scary

How about I don't even know how to start this blog. Good beginning ha?
No seriously I look at this task Organise and Diarise and I feel paralysed.

So my issue with this is that am i going to train in the morning or evenings? and my husband wants to train with me too and he is on call some weeks which means his evening will be uncertain and the mornings.. I honestly believe that I can not stick to a morning program.

I mean sure 1,2 or 3 weeks but then after that I will go back to not being able to go in the mornings and to tell you the truth I enjoy the afternoon training more.

So I'm thinking that some days will be morning and some will be evening.. I am planning on doing the training. So where do I put it in to my diary? If I don't train at the time I have planned will i feel that I have let myself down and then start a negative thought pattern in my head???

So I understand this all sounds very child like and silly but it is a hurdle and of concern for me.

Maybe because my whole days are diarised with all my work appointments that I don't want this to feel like that too, is this my issue?

This task scars me!

Any advise you might have?


  1. What about breaking it into smaller chunks, Anastasia? Sure have the red days and the big stuff in and a bit of an idea to have a big shop and a day where you make an effort to cook a bit more to store for later, but I understand about the exercise thing. Especially if you are trying to line it up with your husband.
    So commit to doing the required number of sessions and then only schedule them for the following week, once you have an idea what each week is doing with your husbands on-call and your week.
    It needs to be locked in, in advance, I suppose, but I'm sure it's ok if that happens on Sunday for that week coming.
    Don't be too hard on yourself. You are here, and we are here. Make it easier, not harder for yourself to succeed.
    And keep blogging when it's hard...that's when others can help you the most.

  2. Hi Beccyb, I think your onto something great there. Thank you for sharing. I will be taking your advice on bored :)

  3. I've never been a morning workout person but having tried it - I hope ican stay motivated enough to get out of bed!! I reckon I'll be too likely to make up an excuse to workout in the evening :)

    I've bought an organizer from smiggles but am going to wait until the program schedule comes out - maybe a cop out but I'll still aim to work out everyday next week and get up a touch earlier. It'll be good if I could stop waking up in the middle of the night >:(

    Don't stress though - if you miss a session just commit to making up for it! :)

  4. Thanks Jen.. One session at a time :) and always a priority