Monday, August 6, 2012

12WBT- Down time

Ok, so the initial excitement of the 12WBT has already started to sizzle with the overwhelming emotions i feel. I have my first period since my miscarriage and I am sore and sad. When I feel down I don't want to exercise, I don't feel the energy to fight my mental battles of my subconscious tell me,'oh please do you really need to push your self and go on this walk/jog". While I tell that little voice be quiet just a few more steps, your doing so well!

I can already sense my self wanting to pick up an excuse, we have to bring our fridge to our house, finish the kitchen, put a shower head in, who has time to exercise today. But I am trying to fight that off... Telling me self. You can fit in an hour or 45min after work before you get started on the other stuff.. There will always be the other stuff trying to fill in my day.

Tell you the truth I think I need a good hard cry to release a lot of emotion being held inside and then move forward. Maybe a small holiday to sooth the soul.

I do remember roller coasters being fun as a kid.. why am I not excited and thrilled ?


  1. It is so hard to fight those inner demons isn't it. I think that once we have conquered them, half of the battles will be won! I am always finding excuses as to why I don't have time to fit in exercise, but yet here I am on the computer managing to find time to surf the net, read emails etc. I guess it all comes down to prioritising what is important. The computer will still be sitting here when we get back, just like all of those jobs you have to do will still be waiting for you.
    Hang in there Anastasia, I know you can do it! The fact that you are posting this, and realising what is happening is one giant step.

    1. Oh Jodene,
      That is really sweet. Thank you for the positive words. Means a lot.