Sunday, August 12, 2012

Excuses, Not today!

Since Friday I have had a tummy bug, throwing my body into overdrive and allowing my relationship with the toilet to become Zero to none! Yesterday I did not make it to exercise and this morning I knew if I was in for what I went through yesterday I would have to get up and go early.

10am so not to early I went on my run, already had visited my new BF once today. Decided to jog/walk to my parents, 4.86ks. Managed to just take one foot at a time and remind my self just take it slow just take it easy just one foot forward, you are doing better then sitting on the couch.

I did get there and I was aiming to get there in under 45min and happily I did it in 40.20min.

Tried to eat something short after and the moment I start eating my gut attack has begun and I run toilet.. 3 more times since then and I am now back home and have to leave to get some things done.

It is just one day that I overcome my excuses that love to run wild in my mind. Now to fight tomorrows battles.


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